Oct 9, 2016 Ostia, Italy

La Trenta del Mare di Roma

30km 10km
La Trenta del Mare di Roma

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Tjejmilen is Sweden's biggest sporting event for women with 34 000 female runners and joggers of all ages. Welcome to a wonderful running competition on a lovely route through Stockholm.

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The 30 km route runs through the marvellous landscapes of Ostia. About 7 km of the route follow the seaside. The route then crosses pine forests, archaeological sites and the port.

Route description:

The race can be run fast or in a more peaceful pace while enjoying the views. The start will take place outside the stadium while the finish line will be located inside the stadium. A part of the route will run along the archaeological site of Ostia Antica. The start for the 30 km and 10 km races is the same, but after 1 km the routes will go different ways.

Refreshment stations:

6 refreshment stations. Water at km 5 and 10. From km 15 onward supplements will be served and from km 20 onward fruits and biscuits. The last refreshment stations will be at km 23 and 27. In addition to this, a final refreshment station will be located inside the stadium. Hot and cold refreshments. Pasta party after the race.

Venue facilities:

The following services will be available at the stadium: supervised bag storage, showers, changing rooms. Entertainment for children while their parents run.

Conditions for participation:
In order to participate in the race all runners, Italian and foreign, who are not members of FIDAL or a sports association affiliated to FIDAL/IAAF, must register for an annual “RUNCARD” by FIDAL. You can register for the RUNCARD here: www.runcard.com. The cost for the card is 15 € for foreign athletes and 30 € for Italian athletes. The RUNCARD includes basic accident insurance and is valid for 12 months. The copy of the card must be presented together with a copy of the medical certificate in order to participate

A medical certificate is also required in order to take part in the race. Please send the medical certificate and the copy of the RUNCARD to info@latrenta.it .

Time limit:

The time limit is 3 hours and 30 minutes. The time will be controlled along the way: at km 10 (1h 10 min) and at km 17 (2h). The runners who do not pass the check points within the time limits, will be excluded from the race.

Distribution of race numbers and timing chips:

At the Centro Maratona on Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.

The associations that want to pick up the race numbers for their athletes, must specify this on the registration form or by e-mail or fax before the registration closing date. The numbers which are not included in this list, will be handed out individually, but will still be part of the association's ranking on the result list. Possible t-shirts must also be picked up here.

The timing chip must be returned at the finish. The runners who pull out of the race must still return the chip at the finish by 1 pm on the race day. If the chip is not returned, the association of the individual athlete must pay the penalty required by TDS (in the 2014 race the penalty was 18 € + VAT). The 30 km runners will receive a finisher's medal when returning the chip.

Chip timing available:


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Additional info:

The stadium is easily accessible by public transport as there is a metro station only 800 metres from the stadium. There is also a large parking space outside the stadium for those who need it. Hotels available in the area.


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